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Luàn: confusion, state of chaos, create chaos.

Dance artist Lucia Tong, Dance4 and Nottingham Trent University MA Students from multi-disciplinary backgrounds have collaborated to create this interactive exhibit. Luàn incorporates live performance, multi screen video,interactive sculptural elements, surface design, costume and sound to create a magical environment of unpredictable imagery that draws from Chinese film, forming patterns and rhythms evoking a calming environment moving in and out of chaos. The exhibit references the supernatural myths of martial arts movies as popularised in the west by films and in contrast: draws on films that represent the real life stories of human experience in China and it's history, showing struggles, sacrifices, loss and love.

List of Collaborators and Contributions: -

Asato Goto, Costume Design, MA Applied Design Futures, Fashion Design

Kirsty Harte, Surface Pattern & Interaction, MA Applied Design Futures

Tom Howells, Live Performance

Xiaoli Liao, Film Dancer, MA Fashion Marketing and Communication,

Hinako Matsumoto, Scenography&Installation, MA Fashion Marketing&Comm

Ali Northcott, Film, Editing & Photography, MA Photography

Nuoni Ouyang, Film Dancer, MA Fashion Marketing and Communication

Rae Scudder, Live Performance

Lucia Tong, Dance Artist Pangea Art, Choreographer

Alexandra Wain, Film & Dance4 Website, MA Film Practice

Kai-Chu Wu, Interactive Sound Design, MA Interaction Design

photos: Ali Northcott, Alexandra Wain, Hinako Matsumoto

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