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Pangea Artis a local arts organisation focused on bringing opportunities for artists from different fields to collaborate in engaging varied audiences. We aim to support artists with different specialties to learn from each other through research & creation and to create a forum for exchange. By creating multi-disciplinary productions, we hope to reach a wider audience and spread arts appreciation to people of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds.

Lucia is fascinated by the openness and ability to listen during the instant compositions of improvisation and is constantly seeking to achieve complete sensitivity and presence of attention in set choreographies. Lucia's work will engage the audience on a visceral level through its reflection on the unpredictably patterned and sometimes chaotic nature of human experiences.

Lucia Tong- Founder & Director

Originally from Hong Kong, Lucia has been working as a freelance dance artist in Europe, Asia and North America. Lucia began her training in Chinese dance and later as a member of the Hong Kong national rhythmic gymnastics team before studying contemporary dance at the University of California-Berkeley (USA) while earning her B.Sc. in Environmental Science. She is committed to using this eclectic background to explore different disciplines to reflect our multifaceted society.

In 2008, Lucia founded Pangea Art, whose mandate is a focus on interdisciplinary creations, to encourage exchange and collaborations between artists from different fields and backgrounds. Having worked with a wide array of artists including actors, musicians, puppeteers, designers, visual artists and circus performers, Lucia is particularly intrigued by where movement comes from and why we do it. Her work fuses movement and text not only to discover our physical selves but also to untangle our personal histories, emotional truths and mental perceptions.

Past Collaborators include:

Composer Philip Venables

Sound Artist Leafcutter John

Set Designer Michalis Kokkoliadis

Videographer Matt Spencer

Singer/songwriter Djanan Turan

Painter Julien Thomasset

Musician Mikey Kirkpatrick

Puppeteer Sahan Satis

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