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Departures & Arrivals

Departures & Arrivals is a series of vignettes inspired from people watching at airport lounges and train stations. With support from the Gone in 20 Minutes showcase, Choreographer Lucia Tong, drew from her countless hours imagining stories of the passengers rushing through bustling stations to meet loved ones, bid farewell or catch flights. By examining people's physicalities, dress, and mannerisims, we can extrapolate personalities, narratives and entire histories.

Departures & Arrivals is being presented as a work-in-progress showing of two duets at the Watch this Space Festival outside the National Theatre, London and Stockton International Riverside Festival this summer.

Choreography: Lucia Tong

Performers: Tom Howells & Zanna Mitchell

Music: Comert Comi

Techinal Supervisor: Sahan Satis

Company Manager: Silvia Cruz

photos: Silvia Cruz

photos: Silvia Cruz

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